The Power of Sugarcane Bagasse Lids!

The Power of Sugarcane Bagasse Lids!

Hey there, We’ve been proudly offering sugarcane bagasse lids since the beginning of our journey, and it’s high time we shine a spotlight on this game-changing product!

What's the Buzz about Sugarcane Bagasse Lids?

Imagine sipping your favorite beverage guilt-free, knowing that your lid isn’t harming the planet. That’s the magic of sugarcane bagasse lids! They’re made from the leftover sugarcane fibers, turning what was once waste into a superhero of sustainability.

sugarcane bagasse lid with home compostable cup

Saving the Planet, One Sip at a Time

Plastic lids? So last century! Sugarcane bagasse lids are like Mother Nature’s high-five. They’re biodegradable and compostable, meaning they won’t hang around for centuries. Our lids hold AS5810 certification for home compostability meaning they will compost in under 24 weeks 🙂

Performance That Packs a Punch

But wait, there’s more! These bad boys aren’t just eco-friendly—they’re also top performers. Need a lid that can handle your piping hot latte or icy cold smoothie? Sugarcane bagasse lids have got you covered and are ban compliant in every Australian states.

sugarcane bagasse lids
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Win-Win for You and Mother Earth

Well, plastic lids will be banned in most of Australian states soon and we understand that PLA lids that are only commercially compostable, cannot be treated everywhere (more about commercially compostable certification).  Opting for sugarcane bagasse, you’re not just doing good for the planet—you’re also winning major brownie points with your eco-conscious customers. It’s a win-win! Show the world that your business is all about sustainability and watch those green-minded customers flock to your door.

Get in Touch Today

Encourage your customers to give our lids a try, even if they’re accustomed to the feel of plastic. We’re confident that once they understand and experience the benefits, they’ll be on board. We’re happy to provide posters to help explain these advantages. Choose Compostable Alternatives as your sustainability partner. Reach out today to discover our product range and how we can assist with your coffee packaging requirements.

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About the author:

Marion is a French entrepreneur, profoundly interested in the composting industry. Her words are her own thoughts and come from her research and learning. Although she quotes and sources the information she shares, Marion is not a scientist or a researcher and her opinions should not be understood as a scientific truth.

Through her findings and experience in the industry, she is attempting to support hospitality businesses and producers in their search of alternative choices to single-use and other types of plastic packaging. You should always do your own research to best inform yourself.

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