The Faces Behind Compostable Alternatives

We are Marion and Alexis a French-Australian couple driven to positively impact the future of packaging.

Compostable Alternatives is our South Australian business, headquartered in our adopted city Adelaide, where our mission is to regenerate our planet through packaging that break down in soil in under 6 months instead of sticking around for years! 

Launched as an extension of our initial project Mister RYE (organic South Australian rye straws), our purpose with Compostable Alternatives is to offer products that do not require commercial composting but instead, break down and become compost in your and your customers’ backyard.

We are passionate about composting and regenerative systems, embrace a zero-waste lifestyle, and value the philosophy “less is more.”

We love being in nature and growing our own food. Alexis has created an aquaponic system using recycled materials to grow food in a closed-loop, circular, and soil-free environment, powered by eight fishes, fed with black soldier flies larvae. Despite renting a small urban unit, our constant curiosity drives us to learn and discover new things. Growing our own food using our homemade compost  is one of them.

Marion has grown a passion for making her own beauty and home cleaning products. Inspiring more people to live sustainably is really exciting and is accessible to anyone. We share our journey and composting experiments via @ourcompostablejourney!

Embracing a zero waste lifestyle

Since Mister RYE and the ABC Landline showwe want to inspire more people to compost at home by recognising products that are certified to break down in soil and create a nutritious compost to grow food (even when living in a small place, renting, or living in the city like we do).

Right now the packaging market is way too complicated and in an ideal world, we would all be able to reuse, process or compost our packaging products ourselves (at home or within our neighbourhood), not having to rely on third party facilities. This is for us the key to give everyone the power to act on change!

We moved to Australia in 2016-18 to work in the circular economy space with the objective to become expert in compostability and certifications. We know how hard it is to navigate that space. That’s why our blog section is packed with research, reports, and information that we constantly update based on market regulations. We also love a good chat so feel free to contact us with any questions.

Our mission is to reduce businesses’ dependence on single use plastics and we spent years researching and testing alternatives just for that.

Our vision is to live in a world where home compostable in the norm for everything that cannot be reused, and single use plastic a thing of the past.

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Holiday Trading 2023

Compostable Alternatives will be trading as usual through the holiday season, closing only on public holidays: Monday 25th December to Tuesday 26th December. 

Please allow extra time for deliveries during this period. We recommend placing your pre-Christmas orders by Friday, 15th December, to avoid potential delays.

We are closed on Monday, 1st January 2024 (New Year’s Day).