Disposable Coffee Cup Certified Home Compostable (register interest)

Disposable Coffee Cup Certified Home Compostable

We are proud to be the first Australian business releasing certified home compostable takeaway coffee cups. Our cups and lids come wrapped in a certified home compostable wrapping for a 100% plastic free experience.

Wholesale pre order prices: 

8oz cup: 0.15c/unit
8oz lids: 0.11c/unit
12oz cups: 0.18c/unit
12oz lids: 0.12c/unit

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Carbon neutral
Plastic free

Learn more about Compostability 

This product is currently in pre-launch mode. It will be available if we receive enough interest. If you are interested in ordering home compostable certified takeaway coffee cups, please register interest above with your name and email.


  • Origin: China
  • Made of sugarcane bagasse pulp
  • Two sizes available 8oz and 12oz
  • Not harmful to wildlife or the ecosystem


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  • Certified home compostable: breaks down in less than 4 months in a home compost system or garden

Commercially Compostable Logo okcompost 150

  • Certified industrially compostable: breaks downs in 6 weeks in a dedicated composting facility


  • Green bin
  • Compost bin
  • Landfill bin

Even if this product can break down in the environment, we recommend proper disposal and never in the nature!

To date and for the past two years, we haven’t seen a single brand selling a certified home compostable coffee cup!

Only commercially compostable coffee cups are available and they need to go in a green bin in order to be composted. However the lack of FOGO (Food Organics and Green Organics) collection in 80% of Australia’s Councils makes them very hard to recycle. Did you know that? Entering landfill, they become a new source of pollution.

It’s time to change that!

Read more on the blog: “Home vs Commercial Packaging: one is still a source of pollution”


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