Home Compostable Disposable Gloves (pre-order)

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Carbon neutral
Plastic free
  • Origin: China
  • Made of PLA, PBAT and cornstarch
  • Not harmful to wildlife or the ecosystem
  • Food grade certified
  • Powder free
  • Four different sizes S,M,L,XL
  • Single-use in kitchens, cafes and restaurants
  • Australia/NZ standard AS5810 for Home Compost: breaks down in less than 4 months in a home compost system or garden

  • Australia/NZ standard AS4736 for Industrial Compost: breaks downs in 6 weeks in a dedicated composting facility


  • Green bin
  • Compost bin
  • Landfill bin

Even if this product can break down in the environment, we recommend proper disposal and never in the nature!

Especially since COVID, many kitchens, cafes, restaurants, salad bars use disposable plastic gloves on a daily basis. In some industry, these products are disregarded hundreds time a day, which means more single use plastic in our landfill.

Our home compostable certified disposable gloves, made of PLA, PBAT and cornstarch , break down in only 6 weeks to 4 months, depending on its end-of-life disposal.

Unlike other options available, they don’t require disposal in a green bin (not often available, especially outside the main cities) and break down in home or commercial compost, or in landfill*.

We like that this product is very easy to dispose of and completely disappears in just a few months.

It does really make it easy to switch away from single-use plastic options, not harming the environment!


*Depending on the conditions as all landfill are different.

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